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Ajeet Kaur: New Album & Many Moons Online Women’s Circle

9 January 2018 Artists

I’m excited to share with you what I’ve been putting my heart and soul into these days. First, I have a really special new project out called ‘Shuniya’ that I’ve been working hard on for almost two years. It means so much to finally share it. This project reflects an offering of my own practice, the ways I nourish myself and stay connected. It’s a collection of potent meditations, and the music that accompanies them, which I hope will enrich your space and your inner connection. At the moment we are only sharing the physical product as a pre-release, which is a CD that comes with the meditation book, but the music will be available on iTunes, Spotify and all the places  January 20th. Click here to preview the music or buy the book & CD.
On another note, I’ve been preparing a new Many Moons Women’s Circle that begins in one week on the New Moon.

. . .there is actually a physical influence of the moon upon its creatures, its tides and our own inner tides…this immortal silver dish of wonder, cruising among the beautiful stars and racing through the clouds, turning waking life itself into a sort of dream. . . – Joseph Campbell


The women are gathering, and I can’t wait to get started with our next Many Moons course. Will you join us? One cycle of the moon, a time to reflect, reset and go deeper into practices to support you as a woman. 

Many Moons is an online course that continues from New Moon to New Moon. This course is a place to share as women, to learn from one another, to practice ancient techniques designed for healing a woman’s body & mind, and experience guest teachers to enrich our experience. If you’re working with hormonal imbalance, healing chronic illness, feeling the need to connect more deeply with your feminine lunar nature, or just looking to be supported and nourished by a community of women, we hope you’ll join our circle.

Course includes:

• Weekly video yoga/meditation class
• Weekly live session + Q&A
• 60+ page course booklet
• Special guest teachers
• Private forum to connect & share
• Live New + Full Moon meditations

All who identify as feminine welcome, regardless of gender.
**If you’d like to join again but feel a financial strain, please respond to this email to learn more about available scholarships for this course. 

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