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Aryeh Frankfurter

Aryeh FrakfurterSince 1994, Aryeh has been delighting audiences around the globe with his passionate, enduring and evocative music. Aryeh’s uncommon approach to the Celtic harp and folk harp repertoire, command of the unusual Swedish nyckelharpa (or keyed fiddle) and other stringed instruments, his recording and production credits, and his numerous critically and commercially successful albums have earned him credit as a musician, recording and performance artist of extraordinary talents and abilities:

“Aryeh Frankfurter is amazing.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Though not a household name, Aryeh is every bit as relevant as others with higher profiles.” – Essex Folk News

“Some of the finest Celtic harp I’ve ever heard.” – Alternate Music Press

“Deeply emotive … masterfully played.“ – Body, Mind, Spirit

“I run out of superlatives … refreshing, subtle and melodic.” – The Folk Mag

“… uncommonly lovely and haunting.” – Internatonal Folk Harp Journal

“A gem among the San Francisco musician scene.” – Harpbeat of the Bay Folk Harp Society Journal

“Without doubt [some] of the finest Celtic harp I’ve ever heard.” – Alternate Music Press

“He understands well how instruments should play off each other, lead each other down new paths, provide that thrilling moment of pleasant dissonance or interesting variation of rhythm that pulls the whole tune together in perfection.” – NyckelNotes 51

“Easily the finest harp album of O’Carolan.” – Classical Guitar Magazine

Aryeh currently pursues a career as a full time freelance musician, performance and recording artist, record engineer and producer based in San Francisco/Bay Area region of California.

His notable performances include anywhere from playing in an intimate setting for Prince Charles and Lady Camilla Bowles Parker to extremely large audiences of 3400 in the outdoor amphitheater, Dalhalla in Rattvik, Sweden, to Sweden’s oldest and largest music festival, Musik Vid Siljan, to Harpcons 2000, 2005, Festival of Harps 2003, 2005 and 2006 and performing or teaching at numerous other stages, conferences, music camps and performance venues.

He has made numerous stage appearances with such major musical luminaries as Patrick Ball, Lisa Lynne, Barbara Higbie and Liz Story. His music has been featured on the internationally syndicated music program Echoes (PRI) as well as countless other radio stations throughout the world.

Aryeh specializes in performing in public settings and has been a featured performer and draw at countless festivals and fairs in California and concert venues throughout the country.

Please visit Aryehs website, click here.

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