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Bob Ardern

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Bob Ardern combines masterful finger-style guitar playing with melodies that conjure vivid images and pulls it all together into a captivating sound. The music delights and excites while it soothes and entertains. With influences from Celtic, Classical and Jazz, Bob’s guitar stylings take the listener on a spectral journey of emotions.

The inspirations for Bob’s music come from diverse sources, such as a drought in St. Lucia, the purring of a friendly cat, an on-line computer repair and a light-hearted ice dance across a frozen pond. Whether actively listening or playing the music in the background, lovers of acoustic guitar will find this music appealing as a means to de-stress from the pressures of our modern lives.

2014 sees the release of a new CD entitled Craftsman and Bob will be touring to support the CD. Following the critical and commercial success of 2012’s Wires Rosewood & Roots, Craftsman continues to focus on the finger-style guitar playing which is the underlying essence of Bob’s music. The album comprises 12 guitar instrumentals, three guitar solo pieces and nine with other instruments that bring out the best in the music and the guitar sounds.

Bob’s complete discography comprises two earlier works. Released in 2010, Come From Away celebrates Bob’s move to Nova Scotia and the joy of living there. It also takes a look at history of the Maritimes and its association with the sea. 2006’s Returning Home explores the emotional turmoil of making major life changes, travelling the world looking for answers and eventually going back to your roots.

Having grown up in the golden era of English folk music, Bob learned from some of the great names of the genre. While retaining those influences, Bob also listened to and was affected by Canadian and American roots music and shaped the two styles into his own unique blend.

In His Own Words:“I like to write music that does more than simply rehash what everyone else has written. My music makes you think and touches nerves. I want to be more than just another writer of love songs so I look for inspiration from newspaper headlines and history books, from the views outside my window as well as the reflections in the glass.”

In the last few years. Bob has played Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, Brampton Folk Festival, Barrie Roots Music Festival, Live From the Rock Music Festival, Trout Forest Music Festival,  LaHave Folk Festival, Minesing Unplugged and the Orillia Folk Society’s FridayFolk series. He recently completed a tour of Eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States, playing as feature at several Concert Series as well as at Coffeehouses and House Concerts.

A PDF version of Bob’s bio is available here.

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