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Büdi Siebert

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer…

Called as “one of the most versatile musicians of Germany” in a portrait of the TV channel SWR, Büdi Siebert belongs to the cross-border composers. Since 20 years, he has composed more than 60 film- and theatre musics, produced 10 own CDs and projects of artists like BAP or Harth-Goebbels. Moreover, he was a cast in more than 100 productions of folk music from the Far East as well as Punk from the Lower Rhine.

He won awards of the German record criticism, Gold and Platin and he took part in the German short film award in the year 2000. The clasically-trained flautist came in touch with Jazz, Rock, Folk, Punk, Avantgarde, Neue Deutsche Welle, Chansons, New Age and music from nations from all over the world.On his tours through Europe, the USA and Africa he played, amongst all, in the legendary Carnegie Hall, New York and in the Universal Studios in Los Angeles. As one of the first World Musicians of Germany, he started to collect and play instruments from all over the world.

In the 70s, he founded the Independent Label “Eigelstein” together with other musicians. And in the 90s, an own Label and the music company “Araucaria Music”.

Nowadays, he lives, researches and works in the Black Forest on nature-, ecology-, nutrition- and art projects. Moreover, he belongs to the team who founded “Ra International – Fitness and Energy”.

At the end of the 80s, he met the medicine man Sun Bear and became his student. During meditative journeys to the pyramids, he had the chance to make recordings in the Cheops Pyramid. All these experiences changed his work, he retired from the lively concert- and music world for a while and  turned his back on the city and concentrated on projects, which were meant for the earth and the possibilities of human beings.

He gives concerts together with musicians from all over the world, he leads seminars and composes music for films, CDs, events and projects in his own studio. Together with other composers, sound designers and sound engineers, he founded the “Dreamscapes” Film Music Group in 2001. Since 1997, he has worked as a lecturer at the “Filmakademie” in Ludwigsburg.

Please visit Büdi’s website, click here.

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