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‘Call of the Mountains – Ascent’ new album by Masako in Peaceful Radio Show 1529

16 February 2023 Artists

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The winner of 2020 Zone Music Reporter’s two awards, “Album of
the Year” and “Best Piano Album with Instrumentation,”
composer and pianist Masako released her seventh album “Call
of the Mountains – Ascent –” in January 2023.

All music composed by: Masako
Produced by: Will Ackerman, Tom Eaton and Masako
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Tom Eaton

Masako is a Japanese-born pianist and composer with extensive
training in classical music and jazz. She now lives in the
Northeastern USA. Most of her compositions have been inspired
by nature. She hopes that her love of nature and ecoconsciousness are reflected in her sound, and that her music
could help in some way to protect our beautiful planet.
“Masako has a superior understanding of what music is capable of
and how to encapsulate the energy of music into her tunes to be
conveyed to her audience. I found “Call of the Mountains –
Ascent -” truly a ‘Wonder in Sounds’, as this treasure of musical
notes instantly engages in a deep work at the core of your being.”
– VIVEK KUMAR, New Music Alert

Track Listing:
1. Calling (4:54)
2. Final Ascent (5:59)
3. Elusive (4:28)
4. Conifers (4:46)
5. Embraced by Green(6:36)
6. Solitude (4:50)
7. Traverse (4:37)
8. Mothers (3:47)
9. Swift River (3:35)
10. What I Left Behind(3:53)
11. How to Calm a Bear(4:45)
12. Deepening Autumn(4:56)
13. Above the Treeline(5:27)
14. Lady’s Slipper (3:29)

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