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David Vito Gregoli

David Vito Gregoli is a Composer/Producer/Multi Instrumentalist.

His music is diverse and intense as well as passionate and romantic.

Vito is a true renaissance man with many talents.

His passion for truth in the creative process exemplifies his

dedication of the dharmic path and a social-conscious lifestyle.

Vito’s lifelong work as a performer and producer has

resulted in a deep understanding and appreciation of the fine nuances of musicality.

As he refers to himself, he’s a Sound Painter with the music and musicians as the brushes and paint.

David: “Listening to the radio as a kid I enjoyed the diversity & the eclectic types of music that were easily accessible to all of us on FM radio

For many years radio was a great way to hear new sounds, songwriters, bands, etc.

Unfortunately, times have changed & with few exceptions this is no longer the case.

So at the turn of the millenium, I founded Da Vigi Music & Dharmapala Records.

I had a car accident in 2001 which left me unable to play guitar for almost a year.

This gave me time to turn my attentions to producing & developing new projects as I healed”.


“Dharmapala Records is a label that I started as a tool to bring this music to you, the listener.

A few of the items featured are recordings from a renown female Lama of Tibetans chants, an ambient soundscape CD with haunting sounds of a Classically trained North Indian Singer- and that singer doing Bhajans set to dance/chill beats.

Plus my own Latin guitar music project.

Last year Vito joined long time pal keyboardist/vocalist David Joyce in the Dharma Buds’ “New World Jazz Order” boldly going where melody driven jazz has never gone before.”

To visit David’s website click here.

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