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‘Echoes of Peace’ new album Ryan Judd in Peaceful Radio Show 1533

15 March 2023 Artists

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Echoes of Peace is Ryan’s latest album. His
music is heartfelt, spacious and ethereal.
Ryan’s inspiration comes from the deepest
experiences of love, insight and grief. His
delicate and gorgeous nylon-string guitar
playing combines with Tom Eaton’s exquisite
pads and atmospheric instrumentation to
produce a truly unique sound. Tom also mixed
and mastered the project assuring that the
artistry of this album was brilliantly captured.

• Blue Sky Within
• Searching the Depths
• Darkness to Light
• Into the Mist
• Nightingale
• The Lost Summer
• Moments of Clarity
• Never to Return
• Choosing Us
• Hearts Entwined

– RyanJuddMusic.com
– Facebook.com/RyanJuddMusic
– Instagram.com/RyanJuddMusic
– Youtube.com/TheRythmTree123


Ryan Judd is a Billboard Chart Topping recording artist,
award-winning musician, and is an internationally known
music therapist. His recordings have been streamed
more than 320 million times. Ryan is an accomplished
fingerstyle guitarist and is committed to making music
that inspires well-being. His unique musical style on the
nylon string guitar creates a warm and gentle
soundscape for the listener. Ryan is influenced by
guitarists Michael Hedges and Will Ackerman. He
donates a percentage of his profits to a non-profit
organization called Lucy’s Love Bus that provides free
music therapy services to pediatric cancer patients.

“Ryan Judd’s emotional awareness from his music
therapy background informs every note he plays. He
has become a singular voice in the world of
instrumental guitar; creating exceptional music that is
thoughtful, deeply felt, and exquisitely played.”
– Tom Eaton
Two-time Grammy-nominated American
multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and mastering

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