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EichstaedtAt the age of 14 Petra Eichstaedt started playing guitar. She was taught a basic knowledge of classical guitar in the local music school of Oldenburg (northern Germany). She built on this little by little and early on began to write her first compositions.

Petra also showed a talent for painting and graphic arts. She studied in graphic design and completed this degree in Hildesheim. The love of music remained, and Petra in 1995, now living in Munich, founded with Katja Uhrner the singer-songwriter duo >> Clare. In 2002 and 2010 two albums were released with the typical Clare sound – melodic songs with poetic lyrics. Petra began to pursue her solo career in 2011 while remaining active as a composer, guitarist and singer with Clare.

Her diverse artistic talents also include the travel >> photography. The journeys across the continents provided the inspiration for her first solo album “My Own Little World”, where her impressions became music. But despite all the wanderlust always blows a breath of Nordic melancholy through the compositions of the otherwise lively “Munich-import”, true to its motto: “Without the minor no song is great!” She composes, plays, arranges and produces all the songs herself.

Eichstaedt: www.eichstaedt-online.de

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