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IotronicaIotronica creates Space Music from her studio in a remote village by the sea in Cornwall, UK. Influenced by electronic music from a very young age by the likes of Kraftwerk, Can, Wendy Carlos, Jean Michel Jarre, and then in her teens, “Synthpop”, she brought an ARP Odyssey synth. Subsequently she became the most popular person in Milton Keynes and promptly became a singer!? She finally gave up her singing career in the 90’s, but not until after a brief spell as a Kate Bush impersonator! It wasn’t until 2010, after an inspiring dream about one of Jupiter’s moons, Io, that she decided to indulge her passion for music once again, and to her surprise, quickly composed some highly original Space Music. She went on to receive radio airplay, live radio interviews and interest from AD Music, all within a few months of her first composition. Her aim is to compose music that sometimes soothes, sometimes excites, and always leaves you with the feeling that you have just returned from other worlds through her sound pallette of synthesizers, choirs and orchestras that prepares the canvas for your imagination to explore the wonders of the universe. – See more at: https://www.admusiconline.com/main/iotronica.php#sthash.4NTvUs66.dpuf

Website Iotronica  https://www.iotronica.com/