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J.M. Quintana Camara

José Manuel Quintana Cámara is a professional pianist and music composer, born in Valdepeñas (Spain) on the 28th January 1984.

Since he was a child, he had a great attraction and a gift for one of his passions, music. He started to play the piano on his own, by ear, at the age of 6. Three years after, in 1993, he started his studies in music in the conservatory “Ignacio Morales Nieva”, in Valdepeñas. In 1998, he moved to Ciudad Real to continue his studies in the conservatory “Marcos Redondo”. Six years after, in 2004, José Manuel got the professional degree in music, piano, at the same time he studied a MSc in Computer Science. Developing his professional career as an engineer did not stop him from keeping his passion for music alive. Then, he started teaching piano and music theory, and was introduced to new instruments such as violin, guitar, harmonica or dizi, as well as taking up again his love of music composition.

Since his first contact with music, José Manuel was drawn to composition and creativity issues. In 1996, he wrote his first classical song, simple and very melodic. In 2009, he took up again composition activities, publishing his first single titled “From the Top of the Cliff” and his first album “Feelinks” in 2012.

Most of José Manuel’s compositions are solo piano songs, but he also composes electronic music and music for orchestral instruments. He is not only a classical music lover but also enjoys an interest in other styles such as jazz or flamenco. His own music is generally relaxing, peaceful, soothing, inspirational, romantic, energic, deep and sentimental, reflecting life experiences and feelings.

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