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Jill Haley

Jill Haley’s oboe and English horn playing draws from classical, folk, and jazz styles creating a sound that is her own.  She can be heard on numerous nationally released CD’s by many artists.  She also can be heard playing original music with her trio, “One Alternative”.  Several orchestras also use Jill to perform in their oboe section.

After graduating from Temple University, Jill formed a trio, One Alternative, with 2 guitarists.  They have created 6 CD’s, and performed throughout the country over the last 20 years.  Jill drew on the improvising skills she developed accompanying folk singer, Kevin Roth, to compose and create solos in One Alternative’s music.  The trio’s music has been heard worldwide through radio and television airplay.

Jill has also worked as an accompanying musician in concerts and in the recording studio for Will Ackerman, founder and guitarist of Windham Hill Records.  She has played concerts throughout the country for almost 20 years with this innovative guitarist.  Jill created oboe parts for one of Will’s compositions on Windham Hill records. This led to numerous sessions recordings for other musicians at Imaginary Road Studios.  She has recorded with many solo pianists and guitarists, usually creating solos over their compositions.

Her work with Will Ackerman also led to an opportunity to record a holiday piece on a Polygram release, “On a Winter’s Night,” with her husband, guitarist David Cullen. 

David and Jill also recorded their first album of original music, “Exploding Colors,” on SolidAir Records.  They perform their original music at recitals and concerts throughout the area.

In the classical vein, Jill also performs regularly as an oboist and English horn player with the York, Pottstown, and Schuylkill Symphonies.

Please enjoy Jill’s website. Click here.

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