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Jose Luis Serrano Esteban

Jose Luis Serrano EstebanComposer, Producer, Engineer

Since I had my first musical instrument, about 1987, I have felt the need to express myself through music. More than 100 compositions have been released since then in different styles from Classical music to electronic music and rock music.

My music is melodic, instrumental and intimate. It uses elements from Classical, Rock, New Age, World and Electronic music in a fusion that knows no boundaries of countries or continents. It is a music full of differing shades of timbre, carefully produced in the recording studio, we may say ‘craftwork’, that invites the listener to pause and appreciate.

I consider that the creative work of production made during the recording and mixing processes is very important because it gives me freedom to use sound as another element of music, making it possible to use elements of electroacoustic music that allow me to emphasize ideas and create “sound landscapes”.

In this website you may find my works as musician, composer and arranger. I have played the guitar and made synthesizer programming in other artist’s discs and music for image productions. I am the second spanish musician featured by international TV station LandscapeHD in the UK for LandscapeHD productions. As Musical Producer and Sound Technician, I have recorded discs and demos for several musical groups, spots, music for image and live concerts.

I have decided to show you some of my photographs because the beauty of natural landscapes and other interesting places that I have visited and captured with my camera has inspired some of my musical compositions.

Website Jose Luis Serrano Esteban: https://jlsemusic.com