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Lynn Yew Evers

Lynn Yew EversLynn is a graduate of Trinity College of Music, London and has been performing on the piano since she was 6 years old.  She is an accomplished concert pianist, a teacher, has also played the keyboard in a rock band, and served as a judge for piano competitions. Her genres include classical / crossover, adult contemporary and pop.

 Lynn’s major accomplishments include:

  • Performed, by invitation, for the King and Queen of Malaysia.
  • Performed, by invitation, for the Prime Minister, dignitaries of Malaysia.
  • Play improvised music for various ballet schools and tap dance schools in Malaysia and the United States.
  • Accompanied the renowned choir in Malaysia and the United States.
  • Judge performance for HDTV Productions to select most promising star of the year
  • Accompanied vocalists and choirs for live performances on the radio and for recording sessions.
  • Arrange musical compositions for various venues including brass bands, ensembles, and chamber orchestra.  This includes arranging the scores for all of the instruments.
  • Accompanied renowned vocalists and instrumentalists throughout Malaysia and the United States.
  • The primary pianist for various choir and theater in the United States.
  • Voting member of Grammy Award Association.

Composer ~ Arranger

With her gift of perfect pitch and an intuitive understanding of music, Lynn is able to hear every note played by every instrument and know how they should be written and arranged in order to produce  pleasing sounds that evoke a range of emotions and imaginations which allows the audience to experience her music as well as hear it. She has used these gifts to compose and arrange music for performers in Malaysia and in the United States.  She has also used these gifts to compose, arrange, and produce her own music.  Her major accomplishments in this area include:

  • Composed, arranged, and produced music for her CD titled ‘The Falling Leaves’
  • Composed, arranged music for her 2nd CD titled ‘Dawn of Peace’, produced by Will Ackerman, Grammy winning guitarist
  • Arranged and co-produced music for 35 piece chamber orchestra
  • Arranger and pianist for 8 piece ‘unplugged’ ensemble
  • Arranger and pianist for Fusion Unplugged ensemble which raised money for the Breast Cancer Awareness Society


In the mornings I sit by my piano with a cup of white coffee and look out the window.  The coffee is hot and soothing.  The view is scenic and peaceful.  These inspire me and I play as the scenery moves across my mind: a bird, a deer, a car, a runner… a song takes root.  When I am done I think about my goals as a musician – to write, to play, to teach, to perform.  I also think about the coffee, which now needs replaced.  Another dream, another vision – to help those less fortunate than me.  I sit here in comfort and dream.  They live in abject poverty and try to survive.  At  www.asianwhitecoffee.com, a company founded by my husband, we raise money to help those less fortunate and, again, I am inspired.

Website Lynn Yew Evers: www.lynnyewevers.com