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ParijatParijat, a multi-instrumentalist born in Germany (whos name means “Beautiful Flower of Love”) began playing music at the age of 10.

He started playing the mandolin and later changed to play Guitar.

After many years and the acquisition of a higher level of technical skills Parijat reached a more sophisticated level of playing,  but through ambition and too much focus on the technical side of music he lost, as he says,” the natural innocent approach to the instruments and to playing music.”

As a result of this he completely stopped playing music for about 10 years.

He travelled to India in 1979, met Osho, practiced meditation and began an inner spiritual education since than.

At the age of 30 the impulse of playing music returned in a complete new way.

He began to find his joy and creativity in playing again and realized that the true spirit and nature of his creativity came from a more simple and innocent place.

He started playing in addition Piano and Keyboards and more unconventional instruments like the Gu Zheng (chinese Harp) and electric Sitar.

“It was like a new birth, enough time had passed and I had painfully learned my lesson, that ambition does not work for me and, that “less is more”,” says Parijat. “Looking back, I see that everything was all right the way it was.”

He describes his music as: “Music out of silence for silence” which seams to be such a beautiful and fitting expression.

Parijat also says. ” For me playing and composing music is like being in front of an empty canvas and painting colors on it.

It is filling the silence, the emptiness, with sound in a graceful way.”

Asking him about the purpose of his music, he says.: ” My music is an invitation and opportunity to fall and relax into the silence of ones own heart.”

Parijat plays all the Instruments and is handling all the recordings, as well as the mastering.

Website Parijat: www.parijatmusic.com