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Peaceful Radio Show 1204: The music and the story part 2

24 November 2016 Artists

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Peaceful Radioshow 1204 part 2

1) Album: Paradise Painting / Track: Paradise Painting

Artist: Uwe Gronau / Information:




2) Album: Walking to You / Track: Walking to You

Artist: Rachel Currea / Information:




3) Album: Popular Works by Leo Brouwer / Track: Eleanor Rigby

Artist: Flavio Cucchi / Information:  www.arcmusic.co.uk

4) Album: Playing in the Fields / Track:  Children

Artist: Paul Vens / Information:




Story about “Children”

About the birth of my daughter, many years ago.

Everything around the home birth was in good harmony.

I saw the strong energy of this child, the way she arrived in this world and the way she left the safe body of her mother.

She looks like someone who wants to be here and it feels like she has a clear plan for her life already.

I’m emotionally touched and amazed. Who is this strong little girl, how is it possible a new person arrives from so far away, looks at us, and is here in our little house?

And what will she do, what is her plan?

I still see the amniotic fluid on her little body and water, yes we are water, we belong to water, water, the ocean, the clouds, the rivers, everywhere… a human being stands up from the water.

Like a visitor with a message.

The light of the unseen world is still there in the doorway like an angel or a servant of infinity.

With this childs in my arms I see the source of life, the source of the river for a moment.

I could see for a moment the invisible world behind the curtains.

The angel in the doorway tells me about another world.

5) Album: Innocence / Track: A  New Direction

Artist: Marcey Hamm / Information:



6) Album: Signature – Synchronicity / Track: Grace

Artist: Fiona Joy / Information:



Story about “Grace”

I received an email from a woman out of the blue to tell me that 10 years ago she had a still born baby girl that she named Grace and that she listened to my music to help her recover.  She went on to say that she now (10 years later) has 6 year old Sophie Grace and together they sit and listen to my music to help remember her baby sister.

Her email came at a time when I had a few problems of my own and was lamenting the downturn in the music industry and the impossible task of keeping on going as an independent musician. This message from a total stranger made my issues pale in significance.  I realised that the most important thing that my music can do is to touch people  in such a way as to help them and make a difference in their life. When she added at the end of her email that my music stood the test of time, it was the perfect message for me.

This stranger had given me and gift and so my gift to her was ‘Grace’ – dedicated to her still-born daughter .

She came to the first live performance of the song with Sophie-Grace and ran up onto the stage crying when I finished.  Its one of the most rewarding pieces I have ever written.


7) Album: Song at the Fountain of Life / Track: Cyrenes Temptation

Artist: Llusha / Information:  www.oreade.com

8) Album: Under the Stars / Track: Bear Who Wanted a Mango

Artist: Joanne Lazzaro / Information:




I do have a story behind “Bear Who Wanted a Mango” (from “Under The Stars”). Here it is….

I had already decided that an album recorded in an observatory dome would of course be based on astronomy-related themes. Furthermore, I was interested in the star lore of Native American tribes, and decided to use their legends and history as an inspiration. The book  Stars of the First People – Native American Star Myths and Constellations, by Dorcas S. Miller turned out to be an extremely helpful reference; I also read passages from Realm of the Long Eyes – A Brief History of Kitt Peak Observatory by James E. Kloeppel and Burnham’s Celestial Handbook – An Observer’s Guide to the Universe Beyond the Solar System, by Robert Burnham, Jr.  for additional facts and background.

Track 7: “Bear Who Wanted a Mango” was inspired by a local Mount Wilson bear. I had originally planned a tune based on the constellation Cygnus which was in the sky that evening as we were recording. However, just days before the recording session, I had picked up a beautiful C minor Bass flute made by Brent Haines of Woodsounds Flutes. When I played my first few notes on that flute I immediately heard a tune about a bear.  When we brought in the recording crew, the first thing we advised them before starting the session, was to remove any food from their cars, and told them the true story of the bear who wanted a mango:

A few weeks earlier, the observatory galley had  been broken into one evening by a California brown bear who tore out an air conditioner and in smashed through a window in order to snatch a bag of ripening mangos from the kitchen counter. She was spotted ambling away from the premises with her prize,  leaving a wake of casual destruction.

Since  the bear plays an important role in the lore of many tribes, I thought it was fitting to capture the antics of the Mt. Wislon Bear in a song that is both humorous and wild at the same time.

9) Album: Drumming the Earth / Track: Crevice Catereté

Artist: Steen Raahauge / Information: www.fonixmusik.com

10) Album: Four Days In My Life / Track: Aurora’s Light

Artist: Louis Colaiannia / Information:




Story about “Aurora’s Light”

I have a story I would love to share with you regarding a song on my new CD  “Four Days In My Life” that I feel is important. The first track “Auroras Light” was written for Michelle Wilkins and her unborn daughter Aurora.  Michelle was 7 months pregnant with a baby girl to be named Aurora. While visiting Colorado she answered an advertisement for maternity clothes.  When she arrived at the persons house she was attacked and her unborn daughter was cut from her and stolen. Her daughter Aurora did not live and Michelle was left for dead but barely survived. Michelle reached out to me and asked if I would write a song for her unborn daughter which i was honored to do. I learned that Michelle has forgiven her attacker and that she believes her daughter Aurora is now a spirit of light or an angel and that is why i titled the song Auroras Light. I performed the song in a concert with Will Ackerman and Michelle was at the concert. I told her story and gave her a dozen roses after the song and the entire audience erupted in a long standing ovation for Michelle.  It was one of the most moving moments of my life.

Here is a link to an article in People that has more information on here if you are interested.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I hope this song and story touches peoples hearts. Proceeds form this song are going to a fund set up to help Michelle with ongoing costs and rehabilitation.”

11) Album: Shanties & Songs of the Sea / Track: Dogger Bank

Artist: Johnny Collins / Information:  www.arcmusic.co.uk

12) Album: First Light / Track: Half Remembered

Artist: Robert Casady / Information:



Story about “Half-Remembered”

The inspiration for my track “Half-Remembered” comes from an experience I had quite a number of years ago. I had composed the score for a short film that starred a well-known character actor named Robert Cornthwaite. Mr. Cornthwaite had worked for decades in Hollywood and had appeared in numerous films that I knew from childhood (like 1951’s “The Thing From Another World”). At the screening party for the film, I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Cornthwaite, and I spent some time sitting with him as he told me tales about “old Hollywood” (like working with legends such as producer Howard Hawks). He was a fascinating and friendly man who didn’t seem to like talking about himself, and yet he had such great stories!

Some time later, when I was writing the music for my EP ‘First Light’, I thought back on that meeting with Mr. Cornthwaite and came up with the main piano idea for “Half-Remembered”, with it’s nostalgic, melancholy feeling and echoing repeated notes. The piece even went through a number of title changes based on my encounter with the actor; at one time it was called simply “Stories”, and even “Mr. Cornthwaite Remembers” before I settled on the title it has now.

13) Album: Natural Spirit / Track: Taqwa

Artist: mAGEc / Information: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/natural-spirit/id285683538

14) Album: Moon and Shadows / Track: Woods after Rain

Artist: Barbara Hills / Information:




Story about “Woods after Rain”

This is a description in sound of something that happened to me on a very rainy day (we have a lot of those in the UK!).

It had been dark and wet all day long.  The dog needed to go out for a walk and around five o’clock there was a lull in the rain.  I grabbed a coat, got the dog and headed for the woods.  It was still dark and the trees loomed wet and black.  Amazingly, the rainclouds parted and sun shone through.  The whole wood was transformed.  Water dripping from twigs turned to prisms, every leaf was shiny, the whole wood sparkled with light.  And suddenly, all the birds sang!  It was one of those peak moments that you want to bottle and keep for ever.  And to think, I really didn’t want to go out that day!

15) Album: Deep Space / Track: Blowing Out!

Artist: GioAri / Information: www.gioari.ch


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