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‘Reflection’ new album by Lynn Tredeau at Peaceful Radio Internet Station

10 June 2022 Artists

A message from Lynn about her latest album “Reflection”…
For me, music is a journey of discovery and remembrance. It allows
me to reflect on my life in the past, present and future. Sometimes
it is meditation and sometimes prayer, but always a Reflection.
Sitting at my piano gives me time to think. It provides comfort,
encouragement and is an expression of joy. I hope this collection of
music helps you reflect on your own journey.


“Takes you on a journey you’ll not soon forget and will
remember often.”
-Dick Metcalf – Contemporary Fusion Reviews
“She has a style that is, both gentle, but artistically clever”
-Steve Sheppard from One World Music Radio
“Melodically soul capturing”
-Jonathan Widran of The JW Vibe

Described as“both gentle and artistically clever” (Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio), and lauded with “the art ofsharing
emotion hasto be one of this artist’s greatest talents,” (Dana Wright, New Age Music Reviews), pianist and composer Lynn Tredeau is
an artist heralded for her depth of emotionalstorytelling. A master ofsolo piano, Tredeau has won multiple accoladestestifying to
both her prowess and ability to connect to an audience, including a nomination for Enlightened Piano’s Best New Artist (2015) and
winning Best Holiday Album (2016), Zone Music Reporter’s Best Solo Piano Album (2018), and holding long standing top 10
positionsin the charts across a plethora of radio stations.

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Tredeau began music before she began school, inspired by the melodious voice of her father. “Music has
been an essential part of my life since my earliest memories,” Tredeau says. “As a child, I remember my fathersinging while making
Sunday brunch for our family. [He] loved to sing and had a beautiful voice.” When she wassix, Tredeau’s parentssurprised her with
an upright piano, and her lifelong love of music wasignited. By age sixteen, Tredeau had publicly performed jazz guitar, flute, clarinet,
saxophone, pipe organ, and – most prominently – classical piano with a command and dexterity that far exceeded her years.
Tredeau’s career began to boom after a period of musicalstillness. Relocating to Alaska, Tredeau and her husband put down roots,
where she took a hiatusfrom the active pursuit of music to focus on the passion and pursuit of investing in her family. Music as an art
began to return aftershe was given a piano by her husband. What began assmall interspersed moments of practice soon turned into
regular expressions of craftsmanship as her love for the instrument wasrekindled and fanned once more into a thing of majesty. It
wasthis newfound dedication that led Tredeau to desire to share music and the joy it brings, and so she began teaching private
lessons. Herstudio started small but, by the time she and her husband had relocated to Seattle, Washington, itswiftly transformed
into a lively and active cohort ofstudents.
Over time, Tredeau stepped beyond performing the works of others and began composing her own, a transition symbolically marked
by her change from an upright to a grand piano. Equipped with her technical proficiency and inspired by experiences with a variety of
places, people, and events, Tredeau crafted statements ofsonic expression rich with emotional integrity. This compositional process
culminated in the release of her debutsolo album, Echoes of Life (2015). Energized by itssuccess, Tredeau proceeded to release seven
albumsin the course ofsix years, charting #1 on One World Music Radio (2015), holding a top 10 position at OWMR for eight
consecutive months(2016), and reaching #7 worldwide with her fifth album, Fellowship of Solitude (2018). Both Fellowship of
Solitude and itssuccessor, All the Pieces(2019) earned Zone Music Reporter’s Best Solo Piano Album award, while Tredeau’s most
recent album, A Quiet Path (2021) hasreceived nominationsfor Solo Piano Album of the Year for both SoloPiano.com and OWMR –
a testament to the consistency of Tredeau’s brilliance.
Tredeau’s compositional ability continuesto be showcased with her newest album, Reflection, releasing in 2022. Reflection looks
back on the marvelsshe has created so far, and stands as a monument to the scintillating creative magnificence of the future.

“Reflection”is available on:
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For more information visit:
Website: www.lynntredeau.com
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