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Richard Osborn

Richard Osborn2Richard Osborn studied and performed with legendary Robbie Basho (the acoustic guitar trailblazer who, with John Fahey, created the whole “American primitive guitar” movement) in the early 1970′s. He then disappeared from public view, due to a severe injury to his left hand.

He re-emerged in 2010 with his inclusion on Tompkins Square’s Beyond Berkeley Guitar, and in 2012 published his solo debut album, Giving Voice: Guitar Explorations. Giving Voice has garnered dozens of enthusiastic reviews, has earned Richard a nomination as “Best New Artist of 2012” (Zone Music Reporter), and was #21 in the Top 100 Albums of 2012 in the category of worldfusion/new age/ambient music (ZMR).

Now one of the premier exponents of the “free raga style” of playing first pioneered by Basho, he invites you to share this journey of exploring the heart with what Dusted magazine called the “exhilarating sense of music being discovered as it is played.”

Website Rich Osborn: www.richardosbornguitar.com