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Rick Batyr’s affinity toward music began to surface at the age of two. Playing percussive rhythms on mom’s kitchen pots, phone books, toy instruments and just about any household object that could make a musical sound, his proclivity as an artist was apparent. Friends and family alike quickly realized that this child had a natural talent and understanding of music beyond his years. Singing along word for word to the Beatles at age five, playing drums to Led Zeppelin on his pillows, sitting on his bedroom floor for hours mesmerized at the sounds emanating from his first Casio keyboard, music had quickly become a vital part of Rick’s everyday life. It was at the age of ten that the universe began to manifest to Rick that music was not simply an enjoyable pastime, but was a life calling. One day as he walked to the park to play, Rick fortuitously encountered a teenage boy carting a blue and white striped bass drum from his garage to the curb. The teenager immediately noticed Ricks eyes widen and asked him if liked the drums. Without hesitation, Rick said “YES!” Then the unimaginable happened! Angelo, the young teenager said “Do you want them? My dad is making me throw them out!” So after a few trips around the block, carefully carrying the set, piece by piece, Rick had his first drum set. It was in this moment that Rick’s life was forever changed.
Day by day, Rick became more entrenched in making music. As his life progressed as both musician and young adult, Rick was presented with some adverse circumstances. It was during these critical years that Rick began to discover the true healing power of sound. Creating music and sound quickly became a means of healing and self-discovery. His challenges motivated him to seek out many styles and genres of music, not only within the realm of his familiar but also on a global scale. His intuitive inclination, and talent and love for music superseded all age groups. At the age of fifteen Rick was performing publicly in his first band with band-mates twice his age; and his connection to music continued to grow even stronger throughout his high school years, taking every music class available to him during that time, from corps drumming, MIDI class and orchestra.
Rick BatyrUpon High school graduation, Rick sought to explore sound on a much deeper technical level. He then pursued a degree in audio engineering and production at manhattan recording workshop in New York City, and quickly became inspired by the science and mechanics of sound. Excelling as a student, he was invited to stay after class and “sit in” on amazing recording sessions at Manhattan’s famous JSM Studios as well as Sound on Sound Studio. Furthering his knowledge and obtaining invaluable “hands on” experience in the professional world of audio engineering, Rick began working as an intern and freelance engineer anywhere he could. Again, at this exciting time, Rick, unfortunately, became faced with some very trying times at home. Struggling to balance his busy work schedule and his personal life, the universe, once again, stepped in. One night after school, one of Rick’s teachers asked him stay after class to work on a recording session again. Perceiving that Rick was not his usual self, he asked Rick if he ever tried meditation. Being fairly new to the world and practice of meditation, he was somewhat doubtful that it would help.
His teacher, having an hour of downtime before the class session, suggested they go for a walk to kill some time. After about ten minutes into their walk around town, Rick’s teacher suddenly announced, “Okay, we’re here.” Curiously, Rick looked up at the building they stood before, a neon “OM” symbol glowing on the façade. His teacher shouted, “Come on. We only have 30 minutes!” Without time to even think, Rick was led to his first group meditation class; his life forever changed.
Meditation had opened a whole new world for Rick, spiritually and musically. Unfolding the possibilities of joining music and meditation together, the very two things that had offered so much healing in Rick’s personal life over the years could now become a way for him to help others! After having worked for major label artists for years Rick, unfortunately, had also witnessed a darker side of the music industry, observing artists with great ideas and music being forced to conform to a cookie cutter presence, having their true identity stifled and recreated into a persona purposed, solely, to make money at the sacrifice of vision and individuality. It was at this time Rick began Prana Sound to bring to fruition his love for music and meditation as a unified entity. Rick’s goal was to offer artists a place to be who they truly are, to help them achieve their personal dreams and vision, a place where all are equal and connected by heart, a place where the music created can be used as a catalyst to help others heal and awaken.

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