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Sajjad MusicSAJJAD, is a Canadian self-taught musician and composer in the Contemporary Instrumental genre.

Although born in Dhaka, the picturesque capital city of Bangladesh in 1975, he spent the first eleven years of his childhood being raised in Germany. As a young child, SAJJAD was exposed to various forms of Pop and Rock that piqued his interest in music. Without having touched a keyboard or piano at that time, SAJJAD had long felt he knew how to play these instruments somehow – a peculiarity that remains a mystery to him to this day. SAJJAD started training himself to play the keyboard at the age of eleven. He composed and practiced for many hours, showcasing his music wherever and as often as he could.

Even though SAJJAD never had formal music lessons, he felt more and more comfortable, even grateful because the freedom from the longstanding rights and wrongs in music could not restrict him. Instead, it offered SAJJAD the flexibility to bend rules and conventions, enabling him to create his unique musical canvas while having the honour of working with well-established artists in the music industry that support his visions in his first independent release,”Where I Belong”.

When asked how he remembers his music if he cannot read or write musical notation, SAJJAD responds, “I compensate by locking my melodies and the associated keys to memory. I retain that information for a very, very long time. It’s just something that has always been there and was very helpful during the time I was learning to play as a child.”

While living in the U.S., SAJJAD received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland. He went on to use his knowledge in Information Technology during his employment at prestigious companies such as Deloitte Inc. and Capgemini Inc. Despite his educational background and years of professional I.T. experience, SAJJAD has one priority and that goal remains to follow his dream and become a visible and respected artist.

SAJJAD is proud to have defined his current dream in “Where I Belong” and continues to compose from his studio in Toronto, Canada, where he now resides as a naturalized Canadian citizen.

Website Sajjad: www.sajjadmusic.com