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Sudha2Born in Denmark and raised just outside of Copenhagen, Sudha started out as mainly a dancer from the age of nine. A few years later she joined a theater group where she took part in big performances both dancing, acting and singing. In her early twenties she went on to teach drama and direct musical theater with kids and teenagers. Not being brought up with any particular faith, Sudha was intrigued by the mysteries of life. And she explored different ways of meditation and ways to connect to the divine Source. Especially the Indian mystic Osho inspired and in particular the “family” of sannyasins counting lots of musicians

In 1997 she traveled to Hawaii to visit a friend and this was when she first was introduced to the Hula – the traditional dance of Hawaii. Back in Scandinavia she found a teacher and emerged herself in the mysteries of the Hula where dance and chant are closely connected. In 2001 she started what turned out to be a six year long partnership based in Amsterdam NL with music producer Maneesh de Moor. And the first few tracks for the album Planet Love were inspired by the Hula tradition and originally meant as a tool to use when teaching the Hula. But other cultures inspired as well, and chants from the Sufis and Native Americans learned in “heart dance” circles were also recorded. Slowly the focus shifted from dancing to singing.

Since then Sudha guested many different recording projects, singing everything from smooth jazz to world and children’s songs. (See list of albums for more details). Together with Maneesh de Moor, Sudha traveled all over the world (Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Autralia, Japan, Hawaii, Los Angeles, UK and India) to play at different music and meditation events. The travels to India inspired the album Sharanam. A retreat in the Oneness University outside Chennai was a deeply transforming experience and the album was born out of gratitude to the founders and teachers there.

In 2007 Sudha moved to the UK. Here she has been playing concerts with good friend and beautiful singer/song writer Tarisha, mixing songs and chants from their separate albums to form a sweet journey of singing and silence. Sudha also joined a project with flute player Tim Wheater and producer Andy Blissett, together they form Hummingbird and will soon have the album This Sacred Love ready for release. Currently Sudha performs as a duo with multi instrumentalist Ravi, offering Sacred Chants and Songs of the Heart.

Please visit Sudha’s website, click here.

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