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The Morgan Sisters

The Morgan Sisters are:

Michele Morgan – Violin I, Voice

Melanie Morgan – Violin II, Voice.

The Morgan Sisters received most of their musical training in Boston and began performing professionally as children, individually and along with an elder sister as the Morgan Sisters Trio. They have been members of various orchestral groups in the Greater Boston and Los Angeles areas.

Their career has taken them from smaller venues, such as churches, synagogues & schools to much larger one’s, such as UCLA’s Royce Hall, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and Boston’s Symphony Hall. Since relocating to Los Angeles, they have spent two decades working together in small ensembles, performing classical, traditional, and original music.

“Winter, Snow & Strings” is a warm, uplifting musical experience for the Holiday Season, featuring violin and vocal performances by the Morgan Sisters.

They are accompanied on most tracks by piano and on the rest by guitar. The sweet, buttery tones of Michele’s 1824 French violin stand out beautifully on the solo lines above the deep, rich sound of Melanie’s 1684 Dutch instrument on the harmonies and countermelodies. Together in every aspect of their musical expression, the two sisters create the effect on the ear of one violin with eight strings and one heart with two voices. David V. Gregoli’s imaginative contemporary arrangements give a new, dynamic feel to the well known sacred melodies. This unconventional reworking of traditional Christmas fare appeals equally to the listener that is comforted by the familiar and the one that delights in new and exciting musical adventures. This CD ranges from meditative and inspiring to upbeat and energizing, and is always thoroughly delightful!

Produced by David Vito Gregoli

“Tired of the same old jingle-jangle? Want to feel wintry and wonderful, without listening to cliches?

Then check out the sweetly arranged music of the Morgan Sisters.

It will make you think of holly and snow-bound Dickensian evenings, instead of fake trees and crowded shopping malls.

Pretty arrangements from this talented duo!”

– J. Harrington, Hopscotch Press

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