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‘Tranquility Studies’ new album by NTHNL (Jacob Rudin) in Peaceful Radio Show 1508

20 September 2022 Uncategorized

Click on photo for Jacob’s Bandcamp page.


Meditation music is an often overlooked and underappreciated genre. Mixing traditional instruments with cutting-edge sounds, a new generation of artists is now trying to upgrade the genre to the 2020s and beyond. NTHNL is a music project by Jacob Rudin. Fascinated by algorithmic music, brainwave frequency and how it might fit with traditional instruments and arrangements, Rudin has created a sound – or perhaps state is a better word – that is as unique as it is interesting. NTHNL’s Tranquility Studies volumes 1 and 2 represent a huge leap forward.

I would never expect an album like this to “knock my socks off,” but NTHNL’s Tranquility Studies has that kind of uniqueness and energy that will surprise even the most eager meditation music enthusiast. I’m no expert of the science behind it – but I can say that it is a superb release that you should try if you are looking to extend your meditation playlist with truly cutting-edge material. The acoustic instruments used, especially the flute, sound amazing too.

Tranquility Studies Vol 1 & 2 are, in short, fantastic and very promising meditation music albums! I cannot say if they represent a scientific breakthrough, but in terms of music, they are the next generation for sure!

Review by New Age Music Guide

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