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Vigmantas Balevičius

About myself:

I was born 1968.05.03 in city Kaunas, Lithuania.

Graduated secondary school,University of Technology in Kaunas, learned musical school, various courses.

I‘m author  various TV broadcastings, musical videoclips, worked at TV news, etc.

5 years I worked teather of video art. Over 30 years I‘m working at the art photography.

Main exhibition in Chicago, USA, and with others in Kaunas 2011, Lithuania.


Also my photos is printing in Lithuanian magazines.Writing travel articles in specialized Lithuanian travel magazin.

Create instrumental music (7 albums) for films, songs,, for poetry, etc.


 1.“Spaces“ MC 1993 instrumental „ new age“.

2.“Sunrise“ MC 1994 songs, instrumental „new age“.

3.“Phantastic melodies“ MC 1994 instrumental „ new age“.

4.“ Phantastic melodies 2“ MC 1995 instrumental „ new age“.

5. „Stars dances“ MC 1996  instrumental „ new age“.

6. „Color dreams“ MC 1997 instrumental „ new age“.

7. „Moving in infinity“ MC 1998  instrumental „ new age“.


 1.“Institute of justicy expertise“- documentary, 28min., 1998, -create music.

2.“Dzukija national parc“-documentary, 28min., 1998, -create music.

3.“Zemaitija national parc“-documentary, 30 min.,1998,-create music and editing.

4.“University of Agriculture“-documentary, 52 min.,2005, – ((with other author) director, editing) camera,music.

5.“Mikrovisata“- film about TV company-documentary, 15min.,2006-screenplay,director,editing,music.

6.“Mikrovisata TV“- film about TV company-documentary, 10min.,2007-screenplay,director,editing,music.

7.“Flight Lituanica“-documentary, 30min.,2008,-screenplay,director,editing,music.

8.“Film about education centre“-documentary, 30min.,2008,- screenplay,director,editing,music.

Contact Vigmantas Balevičius,  vigmantas@takas.lt , +37061017942, https://facebook.com/vigmantas.balevicius

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