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Vincenzo Ribaudo – singer, guitarist and songwriter sings passionately Mantras and Devotional Songs. With a remarkable soulful voice and modern instrumentation touches the deepest Vincenzo side of the audience.

As the son of a gifted musician who was born in 1960 in Sicily Vincenzo and has been living his second life in Germany.
His musical career began at age 17 when he formed his first band. Some years later he was a singer and guitarist with former cult bands “Twilight” and “Stardust” on stage. Vincenzo was incidentally in other projects, such as rock & blues bands and unplugged formations, in combinations go.
Later, he began to write their own songs and discovered his love of Italo music.
The very large and deep fulfillment gives him but for a few years, the spiritual music, which has become an important part of Him.
In 2008 came his first album “Love, Joy & Healing” – inspired music for the heart. Melodic and sensitive songs from the world of mantras tenderly touch the soul. The beautiful selection of pieces created an uplifting atmosphere with joy, tenderness and an atmosphere of pure heart energy for quiet hours.
Vincenzo would make the healing power of the voice and experience for each of the mantras. He loves it when his mantra concerts, surrounded with many people to feel the energy, and to be in line with his.
Vincenzo and his songs will feel love and trust raise, cause by the harmonic oscillations a positive effect on body, mind and soul.

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