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’24 Impromptus’ new album by Pam Asberry in Peaceful Radio Show 1593

14 May 2024 Uncategorized

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Album Notes

These 24 Impromptus follow in the classical music tradition of writing a set of pieces in all the major and minor keys of the chromatic scale. Each evokes a unique feeling or emotion that can be summed up in a one-word affirmation, which I have attached as subtitles to the traditional classical titles. As you listen to this music, I hope these affirmations will resonate with your spirit and inspire you to transcend the past and live more fully and authentically in the present.

Pam Asberry

May, 2024

24 Impromptus

1 – Impromptu No. 1 in C Major, “Journey”
2 – Impromptu No. 2 in A Minor, “Brave”
3 – Impromptu No. 3 in G Major, “Bliss”
4 – Impromptu No. 4 in E Minor, “Fierce”
5 – Impromptu No. 5 in D Major, “Triumph”
6 – Impromptu No. 6 in B Minor, “Yielding”
7 – Impromptu No. 7 in A Major, “Clarity”
8 – Impromptu No. 8 in F-sharp Minor, “Vision”
9 – Impromptu No. 9 in E Major, “Serenity”
10 – Impromptu No. 10 in C-sharp Minor, “Mercy”
11 – Impromptu No. 11 in B Major, “Resilience”
12 – Impromptu No. 12 in G-sharp Minor, “Reflect”
13 – Impromptu No. 13 in G-flat Major, “Tranquility”
14 – Impromptu No. 14 in E-flat Minor, “Patience”
15 – Impromptu No. 15 in D-flat Major, “Wonder”
16 – Impromptu No. 16 in B-flat Minor, “Wisdom”
17 – Impromptu No. 17 in A-flat Major, “Grace”
18 – Impromptu No. 18 in F Minor, “Solace”
19 – Impromptu No. 19 in E-flat Major, “Joy”
20 – Impromptu No. 20 in C Minor, “Forgive”
21 – Impromptu No. 21 in B-flat Major, “Compassion”
22 – Impromptu No. 22 in G Minor, “Persevere”
23 – Impromptu No. 23 in F Major, “Freedom”
24 – Impromptu No. 24 in D Minor, “Magnify”

Pam Asberry Bio

Described as “a new age solo pianist of uncommon melodic grace, insight and heartfelt intuitiveness” (Jonathan Widran, The JW Vibe), Pam Asberry is an award-winning performing artist and composer who combines contemporary, new age and classical sounds to create music that is alternately melodic and graceful, dramatic and powerful, peaceful and hypnotic. She received the Master of Music Degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where she studied piano and piano pedagogy with Mary Jane Grizzell and Donald Beattie. She has been a featured soloist with the University of Maine Percussion Ensemble, the Georgia Southern Wind Ensemble, and the Gwinnett Symphony Wind Orchestra, and has performed her original music in concerts across the United States and abroad. An active member of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), she has presented lectures and recitals at regional and state conferences in Georgia, Illinois, and Texas. And maintains a private teaching studio in Lawrenceville, Georgia, offering both virtual and in-person lessons in piano, clarinet, music theory, and composition. Her twin passions are sharing her music and the stories behind them with listeners around the world and inspiring others, especially young people, to find their own joy in music making.

A BMI artist, she released her first album of original solo piano music, Seashells in My Pocket, in October 2017. Seashells in My Pocket was nominated for Best Solo Piano album at One World Music Radio and Pam was named Best New Artist 2018 at Enlightened Piano Radio. Thankful Heart, Joyful Mind (October 2018), a collection of holiday arrangements, was nominated for Best Holiday Album at SoloPiano.com and awarded Best Holiday Album at Enlightened Piano Radio. The Presence of Wonder (April 2019) reached #7 on the April 2019 Zone Music Reporter chart, climbed to #1 on the July 2019 One World Music Radio chart, and was nominated for Best Solo Piano album at One World Music Radio. All Through the Night (October 2019) is a soothing collection of original pieces, traditional lullabies from around the world, and fresh arrangements of classical works. Her fifth album, Moods, Impressions & Souvenirs (April 2020), spent two months on the Zone Music Reporter chart at #7 and was nominated for Best Solo Piano Album at SoloPiano.com. Twelvemonth (April 2021) is a musical journey throughout the year. Inspired by Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel’s Das Jahr, it consists of twelve character pieces representing January through December. It reached #7 on the May 2021 Zone Music Reporter chart, climbed to #1 on the May 2021 One World Music Radio chart, and was awarded Best Solo Piano album at One World Music Radio. Amazing Grace (November 2021) is a collection of eighteen of the world’s most beloved hymns arranged for solo piano. Pam’s first 2022 release, Unraveling, is the musical expression of her personal experience navigating through the coronavirus crisis. The Weary World Rejoices (October 2022) is her second collection of joyful holiday tunes. Her tenth studio album, 24 Impromptus, is a set of pieces composed in all the major and minor keys and inspired by words of affirmation.

Pam’s music can be heard on Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Sirius XM, The River of Calm, and elsewhere. Please visit www.pamasberry.com to find out more

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