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A hectic life, stress and pressure are the bywords of our world today. Pressure on your every thought, pressure at work, pressure all around you. It’s time to relax. Time for music. Let the animating sounds of the music that you love take you away to where you feel content and happy. Sail away on a spiritual voyage of discovery through the New Age era with music that helps you to relax and that takes you slowly but surely to a place where harmony and passion abound.

Peaceful Radio will loosen your mind and take you away to those far-off places. Experience for a precious moment the ecstasy to be found in dynamic and rhythmic tones or just lie back and enjoy the serene melodies of nature’s own, primal sounds. Sounds we tend to ignore too often. New Age music recalls these sounds and, before you know it, Peaceful Radio will have you dancing to harmonious music that will have a positive effect on your state of mind.

This is why New Age music is not only a kind of therapeutic aid, but also simply wonderful just to listen to because it makes you feel better and removes the weight of the world from your shoulders. It may be new to you, but for many others it has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many years now.

Get to know the artists who have been making this music for years and familiarise yourself with music that belongs in the sphere of world and folk music. Discover your own passions in the world of Peaceful Radio and click on one of the buttons to discover a musical current that may become your own personal current.

Enjoy the music!

Benno Veugen
Owner Peaceful Radio


Meet the artists

Peaceful Radio lets you meet the artists who fill the program of Peaceful Radio with their music. These artists have their own page with information, news and interviews.

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History of Peaceful Radio

Peaceful Radio is a follow-up of the successful radio programme Tep Zeppi, a programme dedicated to paranormal and spiritual matters that was broadcast for many years…