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Alberto Grollo

After many musical experiences, from blues to country, from rock to classic, I started studying musicotherapy and composed some pieces able to give relaxing feelings.

Till now I produced 18 albums about celtic music, ambient music and fingerstyle.

In this first period I travelled all over the world making concerts and conferences: for example I was speaker at the Congress of the Association “Music in Medicine” in San Antonio, Texas.

In 1995 I produced “Planetarium”, dedicated to the constellations and the astronomy arguments .

In 1996 “Fragments of light” is influenced by celtic music and west coast sonorities.

“Legacies” (1997) increases the suggestions of the previous album, with some rock-blues and flamenco.

“Fragments of light” and “Legacies” were voted from the Italian “STEREO” magazine as the best instrumental albums in 1999 and 2000.

With “Acoustic world” (1998) I went to the top of the charts of European instrumental music and new age.

All this albums are used in Alitalia, Air Europe, Swiss Air airlines as relaxing music.

I played before the Byrds and James Taylor during their Italian tours and sometimes went to the stages to play my guitar with them. I made some tours in Italy, Germany, France, Austria, and USA (Tournees in Arizona, Colorado, International guitar Festival in Nashville,Tn).

I ‘m endorser for the following companies:

I made a teaching video about “open and alternate tunings” for “Playgame music”.

“Dolomia” and “Dolomiti legend” (2000 and 2002) are dedicated to the beautiful and amazing Dolomiti mountains and for these album I received the “Protagonisti della montagna”( The mountain protagonists) awarded to the most important artists, sportsmen and intellectuals.

I produced with the painter-keyboard player Capitanata a trilogy of albums dedicated to Ayurveda.

Many compositions of mine are

used for soundtracks of documentaries, movies and national TV programs. My last albums are printed by Oreade record company and distributed in all the world; two of them are named “Reiki heart” and “Healing incantations” and are composed and performed with Capitanata.

The last one (2006) is named “Chakra healing energies”: I balanced the healing notes and instruments for every Chakra point in a melodic and enjoyable way.

Please visit Alberto’s website, click here.

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