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‘Awakening’ new album by Brooks & Day in Peaceful Radio Show 1495

23 June 2022 Artists

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Unlike so much meditative instrumental music, Brooks & Day soar to peaks and
down into valleys with their fluid flights of inspiration, creating haunting melodies,
and adventurous arrangements with flute, guitar, keyboard and more. The duo’s
music has been described as euphoric, tranquil, transcendent, and is embraced by
fans from all over the world. Brooks and Day’s first album, Mystic Messages,
reached No. 11 on Zone Music Reporter Charts and the track “Forgiveness”
continues to receive frequent streams and SIRIUS XM The Spa airplay.
Ben Brooks (flute, keyboards) and Peter E. Day (guitar, keyboards) have been
playing in rock, jazz, and songwriting/recording collectives together for 30 years.
Only in recent times did Brooks and Day discover that improvising together
elevated their playing to spiritual heights!
Recorded mostly during the pandemic, many of the tracks on new album
AWAKENING were recorded separately at Peter and Ben’s respective homes in
Pasadena and Ojai. California. After Brooks & Day added orchestration and
renowned Los Angeles percussionist Rich Mangicaro (Jackson Browne, Glenn
Frey, David Crosby) recorded his tasty rhythms and embellishments, jazz pianist
extraordinaire Rob Mullins (Hubert Laws) added additional keyboard orchestration
and mixed AWAKENING. Finally producer, musician, and Mouse House studio
owner, Rich Mouser, mastered the album!

Brooks & Day’s newly released second
album “Awakening” is taking off where the
flute and guitar duo’s “Mystic Messages” left
off: It explores uncharted musical territory
through spirit and imagination.


. Rising Sun 03:40
2. Ojai Morning 05:22
3. Transcendence 03:51
4. We’re In This Together 03:46
5. Oneness 05:58
6. Awakening 05:16
7. Entwined 05:16
8. Red Planet (Celebrating Perseverance Rover
touchdown on Mars Feb. 18, 2021) 04:48
9. Send In the Clowns (In memory of Stephen
Sondheim) 05:35


“Awakening” is nothing short of amazing! Just beautiful. So excellent, man. The first
time I heard Transcendence it gave me chills. Oneness…WOW! The whole CD is
refreshingly smooth and powerfully dreamy. Really impressed by your production
and arrangements as well.”
— John Hohnstein, Music Producer, leader of Mystic Machine,
The Flow and COZMIC BOX
“An entire psychedelic journey unfolds with “Mystic Message” showing Brooks & Day
to be true masters of their craft.”
— Skope Magazine
“…Generally soft and gentle, the music also has some propulsive rhythms. This music
should go over well with new age music fans who want something gentle, but not
TOO peaceful. Enjoyable to sit and listen to, or to relax with, this is first-rate stuff.”
— Zone Music Reporter


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