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‘Either Side of Reality” new album by Callisto, label AD Music, in Peaceful Radio Show 1592

9 May 2024 Uncategorized

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David Wright and Stephan Whitlan combine as Callisto to produce electronic music inspired
by Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Vangelis.
Either Side of Reality presents 68 minutes of powerful, melodic and sequencer driven
electronic music laced with atmospheric ambience. Above all it will have fans of traditional
Berlin School electronic music in raptures. And fans of both musicians and Callisto are
clearly gonna love it too.
Just as with the first collaboration (The Reflecting Sky), Callisto – Either Side of Reality
came from a series of improvised sessions at David Wright’s Suffolk studio between 2022
and 2023. This time however, the duo decided to continue as ‘Callisto’. The music is a
combination of powerhouse sequencing, searing leads and atmospheric ambient music.
Either Side of Reality continues the vision of the original line up of David Wright and Dave
Massey in combining traditional 70’s style electronic music with 21st Century sensibilities.
Accordingly the duo pay a passing nod to the more established luminaries of the genre.
‘Either Side of Reality’ is another original and sophisticated slice of powerhouse
instrumental music. And the album has already been described by listeners as “a trip down
Berlin School memory lane – enjoyable and fun”.
It clearly reflects the musical vision and expertise of both artists. David’s digital approach
and production expertise combine with Stephan’s analog skills but with a clear intent of the
collaboration metamorphosing into something completely new.

Track List

1. Strange Magic (18:20)

2. Giza Plateau 1928 (9:52)
3. Inductive Hypnosis (21:36)

4. 107.805 (9:22) 5. Old Hat (8:57)
Bonus tracks:
6. Strange Magic Radio Edit (5:40)

7. Old Hat Radio Edit (6:18)

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