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‘Estonia’ new album by Richard Theisen in Peaceful Radio Show 1558

11 September 2023 Uncategorized

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Richard Theisen is an internationally recognized, Grammy® Award-winning composer, vocalist, and keyboard virtuoso.  Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, his impressive musical abilities were evident from early childhood.  As a teenager he founded the renowned rock band “Daniel,” a popular Texas group that got a single released nationwide on Paramount Records in 1974.

In 1985 he was presented with a Grammy® Award for his contribution to the “Beverly Hills Cop” soundtrack LP and he was inducted into the annual Hall of Fame roster in “Buddy Magazine.” Texas Tornado List billed Richard as “the greatest player in Texas, perhaps in the world.”

Throughout the 90s he continued to be a high-in-demand professional pianist, singer, and entertainer.  But his truly outstanding talent has always been his composing acumen. In 2011 he formed Theisen Productions to produce instrumental music for use in television and film.  In 2019 he released his first New Age and jazz-influenced album, “Mayan Stars,” to rave reviews.  In 2022 he and his talented wife, Gina, started NRZen, their YouTube channel dedicated to providing spiritual-oriented audio and video productions aimed at raising the vibrational consciousness of the planet.

In January 2023, Richard released his second album of original music, “Elysium,” which received outstanding reviews and won “Best Album of the Year from “New Age Music Planet.”

His new album, “Estonia,” is releasing September 1, 2023. Richard says, “I feel a certain kinship to this region of the world and also to the culture of its people.  I’m not sure if it’s ancient memories from my Germanic descendancy or just fantasies but I feel that I’ve spent time deep within those magical Nordic forests of Estonia.”

Richard Theisen is a tremendously gifted artist whose musical creations will continue to be enjoyed and treasured by all who hear his aural magic today, tomorrow, and in the centuries to come. His music is available on all the major streaming services worldwide.


Richard Theisen – Rivermyst – YouTube

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