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‘Evolution’ new EP by Hanslik & Moniz Experiment in Peaceful Radio Show 1499

21 July 2022 Artists

Steven and I created this band almost 30 years ago in it’s earliest form. This would be with Steven on Acoustic guitar and me on drums. Since that time, we have changed and evolved the form many times over. With our unique background and influences, we have created the sound you come to hear today.

We have written more music then we typically know what to do with and selectively produce albums around themes from songs. Our producer, my wife – Retagene, is instrumental in this process and reviews and lends a musical hand at various levels in the creation of all our works.

Our current album library is – Jar of Jam, The Visitor, Side Show, Friendly Planet, Gell’n and Evolution. Each album has its very own sound and feel. We also have a Electronic single that we released last year – Outside Man.

You can hear our music and releases on almost all streaming, download and music sites along with CD’s that are available on-line.

More on our song-writing process –

While for years we followed traditional song-writing methods – chords, melodies and structures, for the last 10 years or so, Steven and I rely heavily on improvisation in our song-writing process. Other groups have done the same process and although more common place in live performance, the results in a studio situation have proven very successful for us.

Equipment… stuff

Steven typically plays a host of electric guitars and effects along with some very cool guitar synths. I typically have at least 4 – 6 outboard keyboard synthesizers that I play all at once, with the help of sustain pedals and some looping. Steve also plays a host of percussion instruments and together we record it all as we play and write live.


We continually look for new and interesting ways to create and make music, and we enjoy the process so much, we have been doing it for a few decades now. We don’t think there is much music out there like ours and art and creativity take the forefront of how and why we create music. We truly hope you enjoy some of the music we have written over the years.


Alan / Steven

Source: www.alanhanslik.com

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