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KamalRenowned musician and producer Kamal is a thoroughly established New Age artist with a distinct style and sound who has more than half a million CD sales to his credit. Trained as a classical guitarist, he expanded his studies into the worlds of jazz and rock until the early 1980s when he began experimenting with synthesizers and sequencers. Drawing much of his inspiration from the environment, he frequently uses the natural sounds of the Earth and its many inhabitants as primary sounds and themes in his compositions and arrangements. Kamal’s New Earth releases, Whale MeditationReiki Whale DreamingReiki Whale Song and Quiet Earth are prime examples of his keen sense of tonality and ability to meld the essential sounds of the Earth with man-made instruments and melodies.

A German native, Kamal now lives in Australia where he not only works on his own music, but also works as a sound engineer and producer. He was recently awarded the prestigious Dolphin Award for the Best New Age / Ambient Song for his “Enchanted World” from Reiki Whale Song.

Information Kamal: https://www.newearthrecords.com/artists-items/kamal/