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‘Lighthouse’ new EP by William Thomson in Peaceful Radio Show 1596

6 June 2024 Uncategorized

Scroll down and click on photo for William’s Bandcamp page.



“Lighthouse” is a 5-track EP crafted by William
Thomson, featuring delicate and intimate
compositions. Through these recordings, listeners are
granted a glimpse into the intricacies of the felt piano,
inviting them to immerse fully in its captivating
soundscapes. Each piece boasts memorable melodies
that captivate the senses and evoke vivid imagery.
With an aim to both relax and inspire, “Lighthouse”
seeks to leave a lasting impression on its audience.
William Thomson is a pianist and composer from the
UK, inspired by both classical and contemporary
music. William started learning the piano at the age of
14 and has continued to work on his dream of
becoming a composer and performer of his original
music. Williams’ love for classical and minimalism can
be heard in his music with his beautiful melodies and
chordal structures. His music has been described as
emotive and relaxing. Recently William has been
experimenting with Felt Piano and close microphone
techniques to create an intimate soundworld for the
listener to be immersed in while listening to his music.
Written and produced by William Thomson

1. Pieces 2:08
2. Driftwood 2:46
3. The Lighthouse 2:38
4. Echoes 1:52
5. Begin Again 1:20

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