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Megan Chaskey

Megan ChaskeyMegan Chaskey creates her life as a musician, poet, yoga teacher and healing practitioner. Born in New Mexico into an artistic and musical family, she has lived in California, England and now Long Island, New York. Her diverse education took her to Bennington where she studied choreography, writing, and innovative music in that daringly upbeat college setting, and to England to pursue poetry. Following the threads of her creative curiosity, she continually explores various styles: classical, jazz, folk and improvisational music, including the tonalities of traditional instrumental music from various cultures, using her voice and her primary instrument, the flute. Passionate about musical collaboration, she loves to co-create soundscapes of sacred sound with other innovative musicians, including those featured on her three CD albums, David Darling and Aine Minogue. Her experience in yoga and chanting meditation practice brings the sacred tradition to her music while her poetic sensibility adds a unique creative style that takes off in a new direction from other current sacred music. Her voice carries the depth of her spiritual practice and her love of lyrical melody.

Website Megan: https://meganchaskey.com/