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Mike Rowland

Mike RowlandMike Rowland is a composer who is most famous for his relaxation music. Working with music, Mike teaches and develops spiritual intuition and sensitivity at colleges and healing centres in Britain and abroad. He began composing music as a young adult, having learned the piano as a boy.

Leaving home early he explored many avenues of music, including classical, song-writing and even building church organs! But the key characteristic he developed during those early days of travelling and learning was to listen. Not just to the sounds of the world but to the sounds of nature.

Composition became not merely a matter of creating notes and gathering them together, but hearing them first, in his mind. The Fairy Ring was his first major composition.

Created from inspired music, and recorded on a series of reel to reel tape recorders the first cassettes had neither label nor design, and Mike’s first customer was a Yoga teacher who kept asking for more and more tapes for her students.

The Fairy Ring has sold over a million copies worldwide and is still one of the most important albums of healing music today. Other albums followed, inspired by a study of harmonics, of the effects of frequency, of over-toning and spiritual practice of the deep and significant effect music can have in our lives.

Mike has a master’s degree in electroacoustic composition. He enjoys using electronics, recordings of nature as well as live instruments to create his beautiful music.

Website Mike Rowland: www.mikerowland.co.uk