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‘Music from the Firmament II – A Space Ambient Collection’ new album by Dave Luxton in Peaceful Radio Show 1565

2 November 2023 Uncategorized

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Music From The Firmament II: A Space Ambient Collection is a follow-up to Dave Luxton’s best-selling compilation Music From The Firmament. This is a collection of eleven atmospheric pieces that transport the listener to otherworldly realms via a combination of intricate soundscapes, evocative melodies, and innovative production techniques.

Here, Dave has created an immersive sonic experience with rich and textured musical palettes, inviting listeners to explore whole new worlds, both inner and outer. A profound experience, this conceptually driven album takes listeners on an engaging journey through sound. Every track invites us to enter a sense of renewed relaxation. deep peace, and effortless calm. A soothing sonic balm, every track on this album offers solace and respite from the stresses of modern life.

Track Listing

1. Ascendant Sign (5:22)
2. Free Fall (7:13)
3. Crop Circle (6:16)
4. Millions of Possibilities (4:19)
5. Palomar (4:26)
6. Shepherd Moons (Mimas Mix) (4:56)
7. Into the Cosmic Void (6:20)
8.  Two Planets (5:48)
9. Earthshine (5:16)
10. Upon the Deep (4:42)
11. End of Entropy (4:56)

Dave Luxton is America’s premier creator of Space Ambient music. His mission is to make transcendent music from the inner and outer worlds. His music has been featured on nationally syndicated radio shows such as Hearts of Space, Echoes, Musical Starstreams, Music With Space, and Star’s End. He founded the Pacific Northwest-based Wayfarer Records label and is an experienced producer, audio engineer, and sound designer. As a classically trained multi-instrumentalist composer, his film scores cover the gamut of musical genres. Dave is also a professor, research scientist, author, and licensed clinical psychologist.

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