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‘Rituals of Passion’ new album by Byron Metcalf, label Wayfarer Records, in Peaceful Radio Show 1596

3 June 2024 Uncategorized

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Iconic tribal-trance drummer, composer and recording artist Byron
Metcalf makes his Wayfarer Records premiere with a collaborative
e ort entitled “Rituals of Passion” co-led by award-winning virtuo
so violinist Ari Urban. Passionate, evocative, and trance-inducing,
Rituals of Passion is unlike anything you’ve ever heard and
features guest performances by internationally acclaimed
multi-instrumentalist Dashmesh.
Created over four days, the foundation of Rituals of Passion was
born from a unique blend of meditation and improvising to truly
capture the spirit of the moment. Basic percussion grooves and
keys were laid down as foundations by Byron so that Ari’s stun
ning capacity for channeling could be optimized to create amaz
ingly mystical and intuitive moments with her violin and viola. Once Urban’s performances were completed,
Byron added additional percussion and nalized arrangements before sending to Dashmesh for his creative
contributions including various synthesizers and atmospheric elements, including his trademark didgeridoo
work that he is widely known for. Then everything went back to Byron for masterful nal mixing.
Although Byron and Ari created each track as its own ‘ritual’ – all nine tracks superbly weave together to form
a deep and profound sonic ceremony. Combining the human element of passion, with the peace- lled
ascended vibrations from higher realms, the synergy of these three world-class musicians has resulted in a
creative musical odyssey that transports the listener to the deepest part of themselves and beyond


Byron Metcalf is one of the most recognizable names in trance, tribal, new age and ambient music. His
decades-long career has been highlighted not only by his immense body of work as an artist but, also his
experience as a transpersonal guide, educator, shamanic practitioner, researcher and has a Ph.D in Transper
sonal Psychology.
Ari Urban is an award-winning violist, sound healing facilitator, and proud member of Miami’s very own Nu
Deco Ensemble. Ari has worked with top musicians in the classical music world as well as in the recording
industry, including playing on multiple Grammy winning/nominated albums with John Legend, Kirk Franklin,
PJ Morton, and more. Ari holds two Grammy Certi cates and is a member of the Recording Academy.
Dashmesh is a musician, producer, sound healer and naturalistic philosopher who has worked with such
renowned artists as Steve Roach and Grammy Award Winning producer Bill Laswell.

About Rituals of Passion:

Produced by Byron Metcalf & Air Urban
Recorded and mixed by Byron at ‘The Lair’, Prescott Valley, AZ
Additional Recording (Dashmesh) at Lapis Studio, Paradise Valley, AZ
Mastered by Cass Anawaty at Sonoran Mastering – Bend, OR

Performance Credits:

Byron Metcalf – Frame drums, ceremonial drums, udu, clay pots, rattles, shakers
Ari Urban – Violin, viola
Dashmesh – Didgeridoo, synthesizer textures, drones and pads

Track Info
Rituals of Passion (runtime: 8:20)
The Invitation (runtime: 7:01)
The Memory Temple (runtime: 7:20)
Fearless Encounter (runtime: 8:12)
Earth Walk (runtime: 7:48)
Thunder Goddess (runtime: 4:04)
Veils of the Dervish (runtime: 7:54)
The Way Through (runtime: 7:24)
Her Deep Dream (runtime: 7:46)

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