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‘Through The Lens’ new EP by Falkner Evans in Peaceful Radio Show 1530

21 February 2023 Artists


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Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Falkner Evans is a New York-based jazz pianist with
an eclectic musical background. A third cousin to iconic author William Faulkner, Evans
grew up on classic 60s rock and R&B before getting hooked on jazz in high school, then
garnered his first professional experience playing with famed western swing band
‘asleep at the wheel’ for four years.
He moved to New York city in 1985 and quickly became involved in the busy scene,
recruiting Cecil Mcbee and Matt Wilson for his leader debut, ‘level playing field’.
Two more trio dates followed before Evans expanded his horizons in 2011 for the
quintet outing ‘the point of the moon’ and even further for the masterful septet release
Marbles in 2020. In the wake of tragedy, he crafted his debut solo recording, the
breathtaking Invisible Words, in 2021.
Due out January 20,2023 via Consolidated Artists Productions (CAP), Through the Lens
is the direct follow-up to Invisible Words, where that album featured a set of new
compositions dedicated to Linda, the new album is significant in both Evans’ personal
and professional lives for venturing into the realm of free improvisation. Far from an
avant-garde experiment, however, Through the Lens is rich with lyricism and profound
emotion, each piece unspooling a compelling narrative imbued with the heartbreaks,
revelations, surprises, joys, and awakenings that the pianist has experienced over the
last few tumultuous and unpredictable years

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