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‘Watercolor Sky’ new album by Michael Whalen in Peaceful Radio Show 1593

13 May 2024 Uncategorized

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2X Emmy® Award winning composer Michael
Whalen created a “dream team” of five of the
most celebrated “new age” musicians of all-time.
This beautiful music was inspired by Michael’s
move to the shores of Jamaica Bay (New York City)
and observing a year of the natural beauty living next
to a Federal Wildlife Preserve and his love of
the music of Windham Hill Records in the 1980s…

Track List
1. The Endless Summer
2. Ode to a Perfect Sunset
3. The Road Not Taken
4. Watercolor Sky
5. Dancing in the Wind
6. The Flood at High Tide
7. The First Frost
8. Golden Hour
9. Winter Beach

All music composed, arranged, produced & mixed by: Michael Whalen
Additional recording, editing and mastering by: Tom Eaton
Michael Whalen: Piano, Electronics, Percussion
Mark Isham: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Michael Manring: Bass
Nancy Rumble: English Horn, Oboe
Will Ackerman: Guitar
Charlie Bisharat: Violin

10 facts about Michael Whalen:
1. Michael has more than One Billion Music Streams + since 2015. All platforms.
2. Michael is a 2X Emmy Winner. 8 lifetime nominations.
3. Gold Record for “Poke’ Mon 2.B.A. Master” soundtrack album. [1999] 4. MW taught himself how to play the piano after learning vibraphone, xylaphone & marimba.
5. MW was a clown in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 11 times.
6. When creating an album, Michael has all the titles and even the artwork beforehand.
7. Finished THREE New York City Marathons in 2014, 2015 & 2016.
8. Has taught at four colleges: NYU, Berklee, City College of NY and The New School.
9. MW has created music for thousands of commercials, hundreds of TV shows and dozens of films.
10. MW’s ten favorite Windham Hill Albums:
“Vapor Drawings” Mark Isham
“Unusual Weather” Michael Manring
“Aerial Boundaries” Michael Hedges
“December” George Winston
“Passage” William Ackerman
“The Soul of the Machine” compilation
“Shadow Dance” Shadowfax
“Last Look” Torcuato Mariano
“Something of Time” Nightnoise
“Songs Without Words” compilation (MW co-producer)

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