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Awesome News – Terry Oldfield & Carlos Garo NEW SINGLE VIDEO

21 April 2017 Artists

Terry Oldfield & Carlos Garo

proudly present the video for their new single

‘Reach out’


filmed in Australia and Spain

“Is Anybody Out There?”

Composer Terry Oldfield and Guitarist Carlos Garo, release of  their single “Reach Out” the first from their joint album Sky Dancer (Rocket Music) which will be released on the 10th of May, coinciding with full moon event in Australia for the Wesak full moon.

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“Are we in Danger of Losing Touch with Human Connection?”


About the movie clip:  Eight actors have participated in the video clip, which has also included the special collaboration of the ethno botanist Juan Plantas and the renowned sculptor Borja Barrajón. Juan Plantas is a regular contributor to TVE1’s “Aqui la Tierra” (Here is the Earth) program as an expert in the development of natural remedies and was part of the short documentary “Hijos de la Tierra” (Children of the Earth), winner of a Goya in 2016. In “Reach out” he plays himself trying to pour a drink whilst not paying attention because he’s hooked on his mobile. The same as Barrajón, the plastic artist who loves abstraction, who in the video tries to finish a stone sculptor without putting down his smartphone.

“New Age Music tries to reconnect us with ourselves and our emotions. In Reach Out, we invoke the power of music, and experiment with sounds and nature to achieve well-being,” says Carlos Garo, coauthor of Sky Dancer.

Regarding the process of creating this album, Terry Oldfield recalls that both artists contributed “in a creative and experimental environment, 17,000 kilometers of distance separated Carlos’ studio in Spain and mine in Australia. In our case, modern technology was essential for the album to go ahead. And it’s that depending on how we use it, the internet can connect or disconnect us from the universe.” 

“The words to this song evolved from a sort of joke with our teenage boy.” says Terry, “We have all seen the direction that communication is taking at the moment – the endless staring into screens – Even as we walk and talk together we race to respond to every bleep coming through from the invisible matrix that seems – “On the Surface” – to be bringing us all closer together ? But is it possible that we could be moving more towards separation ? Could it be that this instant gratification of being “Liked” or “Shared” so easily is becoming more of an addiction than a blessing ?”

The collaboration between Carlos Garo and Terry Oldfield began in May 2016, during a Spanish tour in which both musicians performed in Madrid, Toledo and Valladolid. When sharing the stage they discovered the musical harmony that united them and they set-out to undertake a joint record project.

Sky Dancer will be Carlos Garo’s third album after The Fifth Palace and Entrance to the Parallel Universe. His professional career began in 2012 and is proving to be meteoric. The Toledian musician has made a dent in the international New Age circuits, especially in markets such as Germany and the United States. In this aspect, Garo was a finalist in the last Hollywood Music in Media Awards, considered as the Oscars of independent music.

For his part, Terry Oldfield has sold three million copies of his almost forty works; he’s been nominated twice for the Emmy Awards and a British Academy award and has composed music for over 80 film and television projects. Terry participated as a flute player on the legendary Tubular Bells, released by his brother Mike Oldfield in 1973 and played at the inaugural concert at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.
Terry and Carlos Perform SKY DANCER together

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