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Alain Eskinasi


Alain Eskinasi:

Music-production company & studio for DJ Raski,


Professor Trance,


Suzanne Mateysen(Deforme) ,

The Mad Teaparty and Les Biftecs


 Brainscapes is the trancedance project of Amsterdam based keyboardist/DJ Alain Eskinasi.

Brainscapes started in the early 90’s ,and has released 5 albums up to now : Brainscapes ( HigherOctaveMusic’95 ) Chakradancer ( HigherOctaveMusic ’97 ) Brainscapes2001( HigherOctaveMusic ’00 ) Sacred Spaces ( Oreade Music ’09 ) One track on Didgeridoo Drum Dance ( Compilation, Music Mosaic Australia  ’09 )

Yes…there’s a big gap between Brainscapes 2001 & Sacred Spaces….I was in the studio and on tour with Electrococo till from 2002 till 2006….Creating a Brainscapes album takes years….I didnt want to do a quick retake,..so there….:-) The newest album is titled ” Son of Chakradancer” and was released on Oreade Music in sept 2011.


In 1996 Eskinasi ,with Frank Natale and Pim Kilian created the abum ” Shamans Breath by Professor Trance & the Energizers,which was signed by Island records , setting a trend in the world of trancedance & music for dancetherapy.

Trance dance is an ancient form of meditation in motion.

A way to achieve ecstacy with just you breath and your body…

Humanity has been using dance to go into trance since the dawn of our civilization.

It has been banned, forgotten and rediscovered countless times by all kind of different cultures, religions and disciplines throughout the ages.

From the chanting and drums of our ancestors to the drum machines of nowadays…. we have always used the beat of the drum, resonating with our hearts, to synchronize ourselves to the mother Earth.


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