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Ann Sweeten

Ann Sweeten: “It is often, people ask me where I get my inspiration.  As for me, the pieces almost seem to write themselves.  I think it must be then, that the source is divine, and while I play one instrument, I become, yet another.”

Ann Sweeten A truly well-rounded individual and artist, Ms. Sweeten is a staunch environmentalist, animal activist and vegetarian.  In addition to her Concert and Recording career, she is also a professional actress and singer with Actor’s Equity Association.  A trained Ballet Dancer and former Female Front to the Rock Band FALLOUT, she earned a degree in foreign languages from Smith College, (B.A. Cum Laude), studied in Paris and later  at the Boston Conservatory. Ms. Sweeten is herself a Breast Cancer survivor and is involved with the Arts in Healthcare Initiative.

Please visit Ann her website, click here.

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