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Carrie Tree

Carrie has been writing and performing her own material since she was 14, and now, after 10 years on the professional circuit has become a well known voice on the festival and acoustic scene in England, and also has a following in Europe, America and Australia.
Her music has been described by audience members and co-artists as having a unique depth and originality. Carrie expresses honest and passionate sentiments often leaving listeners spell-bound.
If asked about her musical influences, Carrie would say that having the opportunity to work closely with singer/songwriter Damien Rice, supporting his 2003 UK tour, played an integral part in developing her passion for performing on the road, and developing the strength of character that is necessary to be an independent professional musician.
“After the tour I spent a couple of years on the London music scene, playing many of the great acoustic venue’s, like The Bedford Arms, Balham, and The Ginglik, Shepherds Bush. Gigging regularly each week felt so valuable in growing in music and songwriting, and I started to understand the layers of the music industry”.
Throughout this time in London she worked extensively with Marillion Producer Dave Meegan, and went on to support Marillion at their own music festival. She is also featured on their album ‘Marbles’. Carrie travelled back to Ireland a few times, and supported a musical favourite of hers ‘ Duke Special’ in Belfast, Ireland.
Carrie has been lucky to work with some of the most influential names in the music scene, performing and recording with well known American artists Ben Taylor and Carly Simon, as well as working with Andy Barlow (Lamb) – writing and recording music for his new solo album ‘Leap and the Net will Appear’ (released under the name ‘Lowb’) released in Spring 2011. www.lowb.co.uk

Carrie worked hard on a collection of recordings over 2008/9, with producer Matt Tweed, and friends Phil Dale and Sam Welbourne. The result was what has been described as ‘a beautifully crafted album – ‘The Kitchen Table’, and after much thought, Carrie decided to set up and release the album (and new EP ‘Early Morning Train Ride’), on her own label ‘Wild Cedar Records’. ‘The Kitchen Table’ is available on this website as well as at live gigs, and in local Brighton stores.
Carrie is part of a non-profit music collaborative ‘wupadupa’ – a group of independent musicians and locals from her home town in Surrey, including folk singer/songwriter Martha Tilston – who work together putting on various shows as well as a yearly music festival for Amnesty International.
Originally a solo artist, Carrie feels at home on stage alone with her voice and guitar, but also enjoys performing with her newly formed band of percussion, tabla, violin, cello and harmonies. Please visit Carrie’s website, click here.

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