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David Nevue

David Nevue2Biography

Short Summary: David Nevue is a self-taught pianist who resides in Eugene, OR. In 1992, David released his first album of piano works called The Tower, written as a soundtrack for one of his short stories. In the years since, he has released thirteen other albums including his most recent, Open Sky. David’s 2005 release, Overcome, won the title “Best Instrumental Piano Album of 2005” at the Lifestyle Music Awards. Today, David promotes his music almost exclusively via the Internet. He is the program director for Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio, a hugely popular Internet radio broadcast. David tours five or six times a year and has performed concerts with David Lanz, Wayne Gratz, Peter Kater, Suzanne Ciani, Robin Spielberg and dozens of other pianists. David’s music can be heard on over 220 radio programs worldwide, as well as Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Music Choice and Pandora Radio.

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