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GolanaNative American flutist Golaná, a member of the Echota Cherokee Tribe, began a spiritual quest 15 years ago that completely changed his life andled to the release of five award-winning albums..
Golaná often composes while he is out in nature in majestic settings such as the Sierras, Joshua Tree and Sedona. His first album, Path to the Heart, featured all original material played on solo flutes and was a finalist in the NAV Music Awards for “Best Meditation & Healing Music.” His second release, Walk Between Worlds, debuted on NAV’s “Airwaves Top 100” radio chart at #2 and stayed in the Top 40 for five months. It won the 2000 COVR Award for “Best Native American Music” and was nominated for “Best Instrumental Record” in the Native American Music Awards. His third album, Feather on the Wind, was named a Finalist in the New Age Voice (NAV) Music Awards for “Best Native American Album”, won the winner of the Coalition of Visionary Retailers’ (COVR) Award for “Best Native American Music” and earned Golana´ prestigious Native American Music Award (NAMMY) nominations for both “Best Male Artist” and “Flutist of the Year.” Golaná’s fourth album, Moon of First Snow, continued this tradition of accolades, garnering a third NAMMY nomination, and winning the Instrumental category in the Indian Summer Awards.

This ensemble mix continues on Lone Pine Canyon with Golana´’s various flutes backed by acoustic guitar, acoustic grand piano, electronic keyboards, violin, cello and hand drums.

Most of Golaná’s music is characterized as emotive and spiritual. “When I play, it’s the long, drawn-out sounds of the flute that capture the feelings, the emotion and the passion in the compositions. The poignancy and slow pace of the songs helps me convey the feelings that inspired the writing of that music. I want the listener to slow down, match the mood of the music, and think about things.”

More information Golaná: www.springhillmedia.com

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