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Tim White

Tim White and Joe Paulino are old friends who love making music.  Thru chance, hard work & good luck, they made a beautiful CD with a simple, positive message.  LISTEN!

In live performances in many corners of the world, as well as on the award-winning classic release morning song – evening song, Tim White has shared his realizations of North Indian Classical-inspired music which he honed during many years of study with master musician Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.  Joe Paulino, known widely for his voice work on hundreds of radio & television commercials, promos and video games, has long enjoyed music-making as a major part of his life. Together, they have created five works that encourage repeated listenings, and blend harmoniously with a wide variety of ambient, spa, new age and world music playlists.  Your well-deserved break from the stresses of the world begins the moment you press <play> and inhale  slowly.
Our new CD, inhale  slowly, offers cross-cultural musical soundscapes that are perfect for relaxation, massage therapy, daydreaming, road-rage neutralization, and the subtle enhancement of quiet spaces. “A deep breath of very fresh musical air. Recommended!!!!” Jai Uttal – Grammy(tm) nominated composer, musician and World Music pioneer. …
“Luminous!  Highly recommended for anyone who wants to deepen their meditation with music.” Patricia Ellsberg  – social change activist, meditation teacher and life coach.
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